St. Alban the Martyr


Let us pray ...

For the leaders of the Christian Churches when they appeal for the lives of those condemned to death that God will give them strong and persuasive voices.

For Justin, Archbishop of Canterbury; Pope Francis; Bartholomew, the Ecumenical Patriarch; and the leaders of all Christian churches.

With our Diocese for the people of St Mary, Lapworth celebrating their patronal festival, as they give thanks to God for the honour and joy of being called to His service.

For all the churches of Birmingham Central Deanery.

For Fr. Gerry and his family, our parish and congregation.

For the staff, students and governors at St Alban’s Academy as a new term begins, and for Stanhope Wellbeing Hub.

For Highgate Baptist Church, St Anne's Roman Catholic Church, the Shia Mosque in Clifton Road, Birmingham Central Mosque, the Bahu Trust and Birmingham Central Synagogue.

For our world that God will give wisdom to those who have power in disputes between nations, that they may count the cost of conflict before it is too late.

For ourselves that our human loves and loyalties may be blessed, but may we never be turned from our spiritual lives which are our first concern.

For those caught in a dark night of pain and suffering, that God may fill them at daybreak with His kindness, supporting them with His loving care.

For all those for whom our prayers have been asked.

For all the faithful departed that their souls may live abundantly in God's kingdom.

For all who have died recently; for those who have died suddenly, alone or unprepared; and by name amongst those whose year's mind occur at this time for Elizabeth Sargant, Ellen Spaull, and Ida Waterhouse. May they rest in peace and rise in glory.

Let us join our prayers with those of all the saints and especially with Mary, mother of Our Risen Lord and Queen of Peace.