St. Alban the Martyr


27 Jun 2022 • General news

St Alban’s day is on the 22nd of June, but we celebrated it as St Alban’s Church yesterday (25th June). Our main services at St Alban’s are very traditional and that is how we celebrated the day.

Normally of Saturday we have a less formal communion service at 5pm for our younger people with a simple service and an activity. It doesn’t matter if our services are elaborate or simple so long as they bring people closer to God.

St Alban was executed by the Romans as a result of helping a Christian priest escape. Last week was also refugee week. St Alban helped Christian priest to escape oppression (it is perhaps stretching a point, but in modern terms become a refugee).

There are many parts of the world where Christians are persecuted for their faith, and many other people are persecuted for their faith or political beliefs. As I think of St Alban I think about what I can do for asylum seekers and refugees. At Ark St Alban's academy our students with be considering that question in collective worship on Monday.