St. Alban the Martyr

Visiting St Alban's Church

The church is currently open on a regular basis only for our Sunday service. 

Visitors are welcome to look round the church before or after the service, or if you would like to visit at another time please contact the Vicar or one of the Churchwardens - details here:

There are various ways to experience the building remotely:


Step-free access to the church and hall is available via the 'cloister' door reached from a gate on Stanhope Street. Internally all public areas are on one level except the chancel/sanctuary and the west and south porches.


Toilets, including one adapted for wheelchair users, are available in the church hall when the church is open.


At present (January 2023) there is still plenty of free parking space for visitors near the church on Stanhope Street and Conybere Street. The City Council plans to allocate most of the local parking to residents, with limited pay-and-display parking by the church. The start date for this scheme is not yet known. Currently it is planned that parking charges will apply from Monday to Saturday, excluding Sundays. We do not know whether the charges will apply in the evening. We are hoping to have two bays reserved for Blue Badge holders on Stanhope Street by the gate lading to the step-free entrance church.

Clean Air Zone

A clean air zone is now in force in the centre of Birmingham within the A4540 Middleway ring road, which includes St Alban's Church.The zone is in operation all 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Older and more polluting diesel and petrol cars must pay a chage of £8 a day to enter the zone.

Please see the BrumBreathes website to see the boundary of the clean air zone and to determine whether the type of vehicle that you use will be required to pay a daily charge of £8 to enter the clean air zone if you know the classification of its engine: (Note that these are European engine standards and our Prime Minister has indicated his intention that the UK will not continue to conform to such standards beyond 2020.) You can use your vehicle's registration details (number plate) to check whether it will be subject to the charge using here:

There are currently no public facilities for charging electric vehicles at or near to the church.

You may find it more convenient to travel by bus, or if you are able, by bicycle.

You can plan your bus journey here: or here: (B12 0XB, the postcode of the vicarage, seems to work better than that of the church.)

Finding St Alban's Church

If you use Google Maps or a SatNav you may find that the postcode B12 0PX (for James Samuel Place, opposite the church) gives better results than the actual postcode of the church, B12 0YH, which leads to the top of Conybere Street as there is no house number to refine the destination. Motor vehicles can currently turn left from the A4540 Belgrave Middleway into either Horton Square or Frank Street. However, only bicycles can turn left from the A4540 Highgate Middleway into Upper Conybere Street (where the street sign reads only "Conybere Street"); other vehicles must continue and turn down Leopold Street instead. 

If you use what3words, the gate to the west entrance is at deputy.silver.skins and the gate for the step-free entrance is at rubble.tribal.daily.

Planning a Group Visit

If you want to bring a group to visit the church, please contact the 

Vicar or one of the Churchwardens - details here:

St Alban's Church is Member of the Birmingham Heritage Forum.

You can view the latest leaflet as a PDF or in flip format.