St. Alban the Martyr

Christening at St Alban's Church

An Infant Baptism at St Alban's Church

What does Christening involve ...

for us and the godparents?

for our child?

for the church?

What will we be asked to do?

You and the godparents will be asked to promise that you will:

You and the godparents will be asked to declare that you:

Some other questions people ask

Is there a difference been Baptism and Christening?

Both names refer to the same service. “Baptism” means “washing”.To be “Christened” means to be “made like Christ”.

What about godparents?

It is usual to have between two and four godparents.They should be able to understand their role of encouraging your child’s spiritual life and must have been christened/baptised themselves.

How much does Christening cost?

There is no fee. However, we would ask you and your guests to make a donation on the collection plate during the service.

Can we have our child Christening if:

Yes – to all of these – but both parents (or guardians) must agree to the chistening/baptism.

We are interested in having our child baptised at St Alban’s

So what happens next?