St. Alban the Martyr

Organists at St Alban's

We are trying to compile a complete list of organists from the available records. The post has been variously designated as Choir Master & Organist, Organist, Organist & Master of the Choristers and Director of Music.

We are currently without a permanent organist and are seeking to appoint an Organist and Choir Director.

1881-1882 Hugh Brooksbank, later Organist at Llandaff Cathedral

1882-1883 Douglas Redman 


1886 Mr Woodall


1889–1899 Joseph Granville Smith

1899-1901 WE Abraham

1901-1910 William Terrence Jenkins

1910-1911 A Cooper

1911-1918 Thomas J Richards

1919-1923 George Henry Manton

1923-1953 Ernest Edward Madeley

1954-1960 Roy Cyril Massey, later Organist at Birmingham and Hereford Cathedrals

1960-1961 D Britton

1961-1967 Raymond J Isaacson

1969-1970+ J Bates

?-1976 R Hayton

1977 A Powers

1977-1979 J Butt

1979-1982 CJ Clifton

1979-1981 assistant organist  David Briggs, later organist at Hereford, Truro and Gloucester Cathedrals, currently Artist in Residence at the Cathedral of St John the Divine, New York

1981-1983 I Simcock 

1983-1991 I Ledsham

1992-1997 Colin Kinton

1998-2004 Darren C Hogg

2004-2018 Chris Harker

2006-2011 David Lane (Director of Music based at St Agatha's Sparkbrook) Christopher Harker (Assistant Organist at St Alban's)

2011-2012 T Keogh

2013-2019 Graeme Martin