St. Alban the Martyr

Highgate History

(In course of arrangement)

A simple animation of the development of Highgate and its environs from about 1835 to 1900:

In about 1831 Sir Thomas Gooch, who owned both the mill and the land through which the fleam flowed, pulled down the mill and removed the floodgate to drain the fleam and adjacent land so that he could lay out streets and build on it. His name is preserved by Gooch Street, which follows the course of the flem; current The maps that I have used are Pigot Smith's 1828 map of Birmingham, the 1833 Aston Parish tithe map, the 1827 Edgbaston Parish tithe map and the 1840 Kings Norton Parish Moseley Yield tithe map. Because the maps differ in date there has been more development in the bottom right corner with Belgrave Street, Sherborne Road and Balsall Heath Road laid out.

[A further animation will show the subsequent union of the parishes and further changes to the parish.]