St. Alban the Martyr

The Vicars of the Church of St Alban the Martyr

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Dr Joseph Oldknow, Vicar of Holy Trinity, Bordesley 1841-1874

(Until the formal separation of the District of St Alban the Martyr from the Parish of Holy Trinity, Bordesley, in 1871, James Pollock was technically a curate to Dr Oldknow.)

Fr James Samuel Pollock, Misson Priest 1865-1871, Vicar 1871-1895

Fr Thomas Benson Pollock, Vicar 1895-1896

Fr George Philip Trevelyan, Vicar 1897-1900

Cannon Alfred Cecil Scott, Vicar 1900-1910

Mark Napier Trollope, Vicar 1910-1911 (photo 1914 as Bishop in Corea)

Fr Francis Underhill, Vicar 1911-1923

Fr Dudley Clark, Vicar 1923-1953

Canon Lawrence Goodrich Harding, Vicar 1953-1981

David Handley Hutt, Vicar 1982-1986

Fr Michael Hedley Bryant 1987-1993

Canon James G. Pendorf 1995-2004

Canon John Hervé 2005-2010

Dr Pervaiz Sultan 2011-2013

Dr Nicholas lo Polito  2013-2016

Dr Gerald Sykes 2017-