St. Alban the Martyr

The Paintings

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The Holy Family (Oil on Canvas)

(Temporary Photo)

Above the altar of the Lady Chapel, this painting came from St Patrick's Church in Frank Street. It was cleaned at the expense of the Friends of St Alban's and St Patrick's in 1986.

The Holy Family (Oil on Board)

(Temporary Photo)

This is a 19th century English copy on wood of a Venetian picture of about 1550. Its condition is very poor and we were advised in the 1980's that it did not merit the cost of restoration.

The Road to Calvary (Oil on Canvas)

Above St Alban's altar hangs an early 17th century Dutch painting of the Road to Calvary. Until it was cleaned at the expense of the Friends of St Alban's and St Patrick's it had become so darkened that the torch held aloft by one of the soldiers looked like a whip and it was misidentified as the flagellation of Jesus; now it can been seen that it shows Jesus meeting his Mother on the way to Calvary.

St Peter (Oil on Canvas)

This good mid 19th century English painting of St Peter came from St Patrick's, Frank Street. The Friends of St Alban's and St Patrick's paid for it to be cleaned in 1995. Its style is reminiscent of that of William Dyce.

The Interior of the Church (Watercolour)

Dated 20 th June 1909, this picture is signed Taylor with an initial or two initials that we have not managed to decipher:

The West End of the Church (Watercolour)

(Temporary Photo)

  Signed lower left by Paul Braddon (pseudonym of James Leslie Crees 1864-1938)

The West End of the Church (Watercolour)

A second painting by Paul Braddon of the west end of St Alban's Church. The gas lamp depicted in the previous version is absent, and the figures in black at the lower left with long and short beards are the brothers James and Thomas Pollock. Has the artist omitted the lamppost, or is this an earlier picture? This example was purchased for the church by the Friends of St Alban's and St Patrick's.