St. Alban the Martyr

The Banners

Comming soon - pictures and information about our historic banners.

The Banner of St Alban

The central panel with the figure of St Alban dates back to 1865 when it was mounted on a much larger banner in the first St Alban's Mission Church. It has been much repaired and remounted several times. St Alban is portrayed as a Roman soldier holding a martyr's palm in his right hand and resting his left hand on a shield.

The Banner of St Patrick

This banner came from St Patrick's Church on Frank Street.

The Banner of Our Lady

Hangs in the Choir

The Blessed Sacrament Banner

Also known as the Adoremus or Ecce Agnus Dei banner, this banner used to be carried in processions of the Blessed Sacrament at Corpus Christi. It is now to frail to use.

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