St. Alban the Martyr

Church Bells

When the church opened in 1881, a small bidding bell was hung in the north-west turret. Cast in 1881 by John Taylor & Co. of Loughborough it weighed 1 cwt 1 qtr 20 lb (about 72.6 kg) and was tuned to D (2,313 Hz). It cost £10 9s. 5d including fittings. When repairs to the west end stonework were undertaken in 1955 the bell was recast by Taylor's, now weighting 1 cwt 0 qtr 24 lb (about 61.7 kg) and tuned to B flat (1,847 Hz). In 2005 the bell was removed from the turret due to the unsound condition of the stonework. It is currently stored securely.

The Taylor's Bell and Clapper (behind ladder)

In 1938 one of the churchwardens, Mr. W. A. Clark, gave a bell for the newly erected tower. This bell, made by Messrs. Mears and Stainbank of the Whitechapel Bell Foundry is hemispherical and weighs three and a half hundred weight (about 178 kg); its note is C (tenor). At the time it was reported that a bell of the ordinary shape to give such a deep note would weigh one ton (about 1,016 kg). This bell is two foot seven inches (about 79 cm) in diameter and is hung on a jarrah wood frame; it was struck by a wooden hammer which is weighted with lead. The bell bears the inscriptions "Ora pro nobis” and s "W.A.C., 1938". This bell too is out of action, although it remains in place at the top of the tower.

The Mears and Stainbank Bell

An electronic bell system is now used for the bidding bell, sanctus bell and to sound the angelus.