St. Alban the Martyr

World War I

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Fr. Francis Underhill, Vicar of St Alban's from 1911-1923, compiled a list of the names of the 281 men from the parish who died serving in the First World War.

The list was published in the parish magazine for October 1920 (together with a longer list of another 931 men who had served in the armed forces and survived) and in 1921 the names of the dead were inscribed on plaques below a large crucifix on the old St Alban's School building on the corner of Leopold Street and Dymoke Street as a war memorial. The memorial was dedicted by Dr Henry Russell Wakefield, Bishop of Birmingham, on Sunday 18 th September 1921.

The Old War Memorial on the Corner of Leopold Street and Dymoke Street

When the school moved to Angelina Street in 1965 the crucifix was transferred to the new building, but the memorial plaques disappeared, believed to have been stolen by metal theives. 

When the school building on Angelina Street in turn was replaced by the present Ark St Alban's Academy building on Conybere Street the Crucifix was again saved and has been placed in the atrium of the new building, where it is now flanked by new plaques inscribed with the original list of names.

These are the names:

Adams, Frank
Alcott, James
Allen, Ernest
Amos, Joseph
Amos, Solomon
Askey, William
Arkley, Alfred


Bailey, Joseph
Baker, George
Baker, Thomas
Barrett, Paul
Barton, James
Bates, Charles Samuel
Battle, George
Batty, James
Batty. Charles
Batty, Henry
Beard, Alfred
Bishop, Frederick
Bolton, Charles
Bond, Thomas
Boswell, William Thomas
Bourke, Michael
Brain, Joseph
Brierley, George
Brown, Ernest Samuel
Bullock, Thomas
Burke, Samuel
Burnett, William
Burnett, Alfred
Bradbury, Albert
Booth, Charles
Booth, Frank


Campbell, William George
Carter, George
Chatwin, Job
Clamp, Robert Frederick
Cleaver, William James
Collett, Thomas
Collumbell, Herbert
Connell, Thomas Peter
Connell, Francis William
Cooke, Arthur Thomas
Corfield, William
Cosier, William
Cox, William
Cullis, Thomas William
Curley, Joseph
Cowland, Frederick
Commins, Henry
Conboy, Daniel
Cecil, William
Cadmore, Samuel
Chatterley, William


Davey, Charles
Davies, James
Davis, Albert
Davis, Alfred
Davis, George
Davis, William Henry
Dixon, Evelyn
Dawson, Harry
Deakin, Samuel
Dent, Wilfred Henry
Dent, Joseph Jonas
Denton, Arthur
Depper, George
Derry, William
Dodd, Benjamin
Dutton, William
Dyke, Albert
Dobson, Isaac
Denton, Arthur


Edgington, George
Elliot, Thomas Henry
Ellson, Howard
Edgcumbe, Ernest


Fellowes, Ernest
Fellowes, Harry
Flint, George
Fox, Samuel
Fox, Harry
Foyle, George William
Findull, George


Gibson, William David
Goddard, John
Goff, Alfred
Grady, Sidney William
Griffiths, Henry
Griffiths, Albert Victor
Gould, Cyril
Gibson, Alfred


Hacker, Sidney
Hall, Albert
Hall, Harry
Hall, William
Hands, George
Hardy, Albert Henry
Hards, Walter
Harrison, Arthur
Harrison, George
Hartland, William Henry
Hartwell, Silas
Hawkins, James Hy.
Hewitt, Frederick
Hian, Charles
Higginson, Frederick
Hinton, Clarence E.
Hitchin, William
Holland, Henry
Hollick, Arthur
Howard, George Herbert
Harwood, John
Hemming, Alfred
Hanson, Frederick
Hadley, William
Haigh, Leslie
Hughes, John


Johnson Harry
Jones, Richard
Jones, Francis
Jones, Bertram
Jones, William


Kemp, Albert
Kennedy, Harold William
Kennedy, Frederick Bernard
King, William George
Kingston, William
Kneefe, Thomas
Kirkham, Horace


Lander, R. R. A. {Richard Robert Augustine}
Lauder, Jesse
Lawden, William
Lee, Harry
Lee, Nelson
Lonton, Joseph
Loxton, James Hy.
Lush, Walter
Lush, Roland
Luckett, George
Luke, Tom
Lenton, Joseph
Long, Arthur
Lanaster, Walter


Mackay, Arthur Henry
Malpass, S.
Martin, Alfred
Martin, Frederick A. H.
Massey, Alfred James
Massey, William
Mason, Charles
Matthews, George
Maun, William
May, George Ernest
Meddings, Ernest
Millard, William
Mitchell, Benjamin Hy.
Moore, Albert
Moore, Alfred
Moore, Arthur
Moore, James
Moreton, Leonard
Moreton, Albert Edward
Morgan, Ernest
Moulton, James
Moulton, Thomas
Muchlow, William J.
Mutlow, Jack Bolton
Milner, Alfred
Martin, Arthur Harold


Nicholls, Walter
Nicholls, J.
Nokes, Benjamin


Oakes, Arthur
Orme, Joseph Albert
Osborne, Edward Frank
Owen, Ernest
Owen, Frank


Paynter, William
Page, John
Palmer, Alfred
Palmer, Richard
Palmer, Bert
Pargeter, Harry
Parker, William
Payton, Tom
Pearce, Frederick
Pearsall, Samuel
Pemberton, John Charles
Pemberton, Arthur
Pennell, William
Pennell, George
Perkins, William
Perry, Alexander
Parsonage, Thomas
Perks, Charles Henry
Perry, Abraham
Perry, Isaac
Perry, John Thomas
Phillips, Thomas
Pickering, Albert
Pinfield, Arthur
Portlock, Harry
Powell, Herbert
Powell, Ralph Edward
Pratt, George Rupert
Preece, Thomas
Prince, Albert Percival
Puffer, James
Pulling, Charles
Pountney, Percival
Peters, Robert
Prinn, Chandos
Ponsonby, Gerald


Ralph, Frederick Thomas
Raybould, Arthur
Reed, Percy
Reeves, Albert
Rooney, William
Rose, William
Round, Benjamin
Runcorn, Thomas
Rose, David
Rodd, Herbert Alfred


Searles, Joseph
Shepherd, Sidney Herbert
Shepherd, George
Shepherd, Edward
Shuker, Harry
Smith, John
Smith, Arthur
Smith, Frederick William
Smith, William
Smith, Harry
Smith, Frederick
Smith, Ernest Albert
Skidmore, Frederick
Stacey, John
Stevens, Louis
Stevens, Frank
Stevens, William
Sargant, Ernest
Stanyard, Leonard
Streeter, Ernest


Taylor, Allan
Taylor, George
Taylor, Albert Edward
Terry, James
Tennant, Richard
Thomas, Arthur
Thompson, Francis
Thompson, Albert
Thorpe, William
Toye, Charles Joseph
Tudor, Harry
Thomas, Harold
Tennant, Richard


Vann, Harry
Vaughan, George Henry
Vickery, Reginald Beavis
Vincent, Horace


Walker, Albert
Walker, Albert Edward
Warner, Robert
Warren, Alfred Henry
Watkins, Henry William
Watterson, Charles
Weldon, George
Whitehouse, William
Whittle, Jack
Williams, Walter
Williams, Alfred
Wilmott, Alfred
Wilkins, Edward
Winn, Charles
Winspear, George
Wright, Arthur
Wright, Charles
Wickham, Thomas
Watmore, Albert


Yates, Leonard

There is also a list of the names of communicants from the church congregation who died in the war:

Ernest Owen
Horace Kirkham
Percival Pountney
Arthur Mackay
Evelyn Dixon
Herbert Rodd
Frederick Prince
Cyril Gould
Alan Taylor
Chandos Prinn
Alexander Perry
Henry Commins
Richard Tennant
Ernest Streeter
Arthur Long
Francis Adams
Harry Dawson
Leslie Haigh
Frederick Hanson
Arthur Wright

One of these names, Ernest Streeter, is not on the parish list. Ernest Robert Streeter lived outside the parish at 389 Ladypool Road in Balsall Heath.