St. Alban the Martyr

The Crucifixion Window

What date is this window?
We know that it was installed between 1889 and 1897, as it commemorates a child who died in December 1888 and it can be seen in a photograph taken before installation of the wrought iron chancel screen in 1897.

Who made this window?
It was made by the firm of Clayton and Bell.

Who gave this window?
Howard and Charlotte Ratcliff, the parents of Henry.

A cast bronze plaque beneath the window reads: "To The Glory of God in Sweet and Blessed Memory of Henry Alban Ratcliff the beloved and youngest child of Howard Taylor and Charlotte Elizabeth Ratcliff. Born on St. Alban’s day June 17 1977. Fell asleep December 8 1888. “Keep him, O keep him, King of Kings, beneath thy own almighty wings.”

(The 1662 Book of Common Prayer gave 17th June as St Alban’s Day, instead of the traditional 22nd June, restored in the 1928 alternative calendar. This was probably due to miscopying V for X.)

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