St. Alban the Martyr

The Window of the Blessed Virgin Mary

What date is this window?
It was installed in 1909.

Who made this window?
It was made by the firm of Morris & Co. and may have been designed by John Dearie.

Who gave this window?
John Downes and members of his Bible Class.

Is there a dedication plaque?
The window iteslf includes a scroll reading: "The gift of John Downes and members of his Bible Class in memory of 27 years happy work and fellowship 1882 - 1909."

The figure of Mary fills the middle third of the window. Wearing a blue robe and crowned, she is seated in a richly draped chair. Her arms encircle the waist of the child Jesus, who is standing on her leg. Above her head a scroll proclaims "Ave Maria" -  "Hail Mary". Around the figure of Mary the window is filled with small square quarries of clear glass surrounded by a decorative border featuring white roses. In the foot of the window is the scroll described above.

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